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Our Certificates

Quality is also a simple question of decency.

With today’s food products repeatedly crossing international boarders, international standards are vital. The consequences of unsafe food can never be underestimated, and the International Organization for Standardization is essential in identifying and controlling food standards.

All our processes are structured for the highest food safety and quality standards, and have been certified accordingly. Our goals are the best quality, the highest safety standards, reliable delivery, and optimal cost.

We promise to maintain our highest standards for our customers in the future.

Brief Description of the Certificates:

ISO 9001 + -

ISO 9001 certification ensures that a company has good quality management systems in place that are enacted through daily operation. Over a million companies utilize quality management through ISO 9001.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certifications aim to systematically identify factors that might lead to health risks or hygiene hazards- or at least work to lower risk to acceptable levels. These certifications are based on the international code of conduct for the industry, the codex alimentarius.

Highly relevant to all areas of the food industry, HACCP minimizes potential hazards and makes clear to customers and partners that food safety is a high.

ISO 22000 + -

ISO 22000 is based on the quality management system required by ISO 9001, as well as principles of HACCP.

ISO 22000 is a comprehensive and internationally recognised standard for management systems in the food industry. This guarantees the quality and safety of food of food from primary producers to the customer.

Recent Awards and Recognitions:

JA Zen Noh Japan Certificate #1

JA Zen Noh Japan Certificate #2

Hanwoo Korean Beef Certificate